An Avatar Technician is someone who brings harmony and balance to the frequency based operation of the human body or avatar. Not to be in any way confused with Rockerfeller medical practitioners who's understanding of the human form is merely physical and who's practices are heavily tainted by corrupt pharmaceutical companies who's business is to maintain the imbalance of the avatar in order to keep avatars hooked on their chemical products throughout an entire life cycle. 

The Avatar Technician understands it is an energy first universe where everything in existence gives off it's own resonance. His/her mission is to re-balance these resonant frequencies to their optimal tonality and remove all dis-ease from each and every avatar, each and every inhabitable area and ultimately restore the universe to it's optimal resonant balance.

To do this The Avatar Technician uses different types of Avatar Tech and treatments to restore balance to whatever it is he's retuning. Below you will see some of the devices used.

This is the main tool currently used as an Avatar Technician. It is a clinical-grade bio-resonance diagnostic and meta-therapy machine. Run avatar diagnostics from a massive database of topics including microorganisms / helminths, pathology, biochemical homeostasis, allergens, emotion matrix, chakras / aura, toxins, heavy metals, and much more. Correct the field distortions, imbalances and dis-eases in your avatar and live a disease free life with meta-therapy. Assess and apply virtual physiotherapy to limbs, body parts, organs, other physical sites of your avatar as well as correcting the more subtle energies of your electromagnetic aura that surround your avatar. There really isn't a more diverse and in-depth tool on the market for an Avatar Technician, especially for the price! For more details click the picture or the name.


And to work in conjunction with the Bio-Rez Meta for remote diagnosis we have.............


The Quantum Meta Black Box. Sometimes meeting your Avatar Technician face to face isn't an option. This is where the Quantum Meta Black Box comes into play. When used in conjunction with the Bio-Rez Meta the two devices combined can run diagnostics on the avatar and perform Meta Therapy remotely with a sample of the subjects DNA. For more details and to find out how it works click the picture of the Black Box or the name.

After diagnostics have been run on the avatar and the results have been compiled with the Bio-rez Meta, the Avatar Technician uses the Enso Sweeper in conjunction with the Meta therapy for maximum effect. The Enso Sweeper is currently the most reliable and effective bio-resonance sweeper on the market due to it's induction loop and foot pads which make sure the bio-resonance frequencies penetrate the entire avatar unlike other sweepers on the market which have been found lacking in effectiveness due to the bio-resonance not being circulated correctly through the entirety of the body(avatar). With the Enso Sweeper comes a very large range of preset programs to run which eliminate parasites from your body including worms, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other parasites along with a vast range of other programs with a list of functions too long to mention here. It is a small, lightweight, and portable generator of programmable electromagnetic frequencies and an inductive field which is the perfect companion to the Bio-Rez Meta for maximum results! For more details click the picture or the name.