Waking from The Void I heard a voice that I knew was familiar. The voice sent my brother The White Wind to train me for what's to come. Now I am free from the bottomless pit I must find Father Sun. 

'Kung Fu jesus and the search for celestial gold', a high octane action rpg full of worlds the likes you have never seen.

explore the world tree and discover the truth of what is happening in this galaxy.


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The story of Celestial Gold

Welcome to Celestial Gold. We hope you will enjoy the experience and join us on the journey. Celestial Gold is a concept firstly thought of by myself and Craig as we pondered the origin of being Human. The Celestial Gold symbol is basically recognition of what we understand already. It represents EARTH, WATER, WIND and FIRE connected together through source energy that exists in all sentient life.

A message from Fenrir

The Wolf Dragon

about the future 

vision of Celestial

Gold products

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